Presenting the Perfect Features of Phalaenopsis

Tai-Ling endeavors in quality control by producing virus free seedings and eliminating biological disadvantages in our tissue culture production process. Under strict control in each stage of production from choosing the healthy plants, applying cutting edge virus detection technology, establishing production S.O.P. and QC procedure, Tai-Ling is committed to provide the highest quality of phalaenopsis plants for our customers.


Material Group

Tissue Culture

Strict disinfection and operation procedures to ensure the material is clean.

Virus Detection

Virus detection by ELISA and RT-PCR BIO-CHIP

The process of OEM Tissue Culture Seedings


300 L tank
4 filling lines
Capacity 7,500 bottles/day


Capacity 1,320 bottles

Tissue culture clean room

Working benches: 91 sets


3 months practical training for new trainees Working target is 50~150 bottles (by different process)

Cultivation area

Automatic control cultivation room
Capacity 241,640 bottles

Nursing record


1.5~2.5 months 2,000~5,000 lux light accumulation before ready Capacity of accumulation room 96,080 bottles

Healthy plants and establishing well-managed production system is the key to competing in the global market.